Meeting Format

The meeting is run in a standard format where sessions are held in one or more 2 to 3-hour blocks of time. These blocks typically consist of half-hour talks or a one-hour overview and half-hour talks. The half-hour slot includes time for questions.

Proposing a session:

Individuals are invited to organize a session. For examples of past sessions, see the 2008 conference or consult past ACA conferences. Proposals should be sent to the conference Program Chairs, Michel Beaudin and Michael Wester, who will review proposals in collaboration with the ACAWG. The duties of the sessions organizers are: Each session organizing team will issue a call for papers/contributions stating the terms for submitting contributions, including the deadline each team has set for receiving. Consult the "Sessions" item of the left-hand side menu for information on approved sessions and their related contact information.

Presentation support:

Each lecture room will be equipped with a computer (Pentium class, Win XP), a projector (1024x768), and all connections required to link a laptop computer to this equipment and provide Web access. Viewscreens are available for Voyage 200 and TI-Nspire calculators.
The following software will be available on all computers: Derive 6.1, Maple 12, Matlab 2008, Mathcad 2001 Pro, DPGraph, Microsoft Office 2007 (French version), Statgraphics Centurion, Mozilla Firefox 3, Voyage 200 emulator and Acrobat reader 9. Other software (eg. Mathematica) can be accommodated if a presenter brings their own copy.
For all technical questions regarding the conference, please contact Michel Beaudin.