Hotel Reservations

It is important that you make your hotel reservations as quickly as possible because Montréal is a tourist mecca in the summer (see for all sorts of useful information about Montréal).
Here are some suggestions for accommodation which include prices and distance from the conference venue École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). All are a walking distance from the conference venue or with easy access by bus or subway. Use Google Maps Transit to find your way from your hotel to ÉTS (1100 Notre-Dame ouest Montreal). Prices, per nignt, listed below are in canadian dollars. The applicable taxes are not included in the rates (Lodging Tax: 3%, Goods and Services Tax (GST): 5% and Québec Sales Tax (QST): 7.5%).
For people looking for budget accommodation, some very nice student housing is available: For those who wish to choose another hotel, consult the website, one of the best search engine. Simply choose Montreal, put in dates and information, you can then sort the results and see costumer appreciation. You can also consult hotel websites and this could give you access to reward plans with better rates, or not!
You can also try Tourisme Montréal or or try your favorite travel website search engine.

Here are additional hotel suggestions. Data was updated in mid-April. Prices were obtained from hotel websites, and are based on a 4-day stay starting on June 24, for one person. This is just an indication. These suggestions are in downtown Montreal.