General Chairs

Michel Beaudin (Canada)
Gilles Picard (Canada)
Kathleen Pineau (Canada)

Program Chairs

Michel Beaudin (Canada)
Michael Wester (USA)
ACA conferences are under the supervision of the Applications of Computer Algebra Work Group (ACAWG). Eugenio Roanes-Lorenzo, from Spain, is the present chair of this international advisory committee. List of ACAWG members:
Alkiviadis Akritas (Greece)
Michel Beaudin (Canada)
Bruno Buchberger (Austria)
Jacques Calmet(Germany)
Victor Edneral (Russia)
Victor Ganzha (Germany)
Vladimir Gerdt (Russia)
Mark Giesbrecht (Canada)
Hoon Hong (USA)
David Jeffrey (Canada)
Erich Kaltofen (USA)
Ilias Kotsireas (Greece)
Bernhard Kutzler (Austria)
Robert H. Lewis (USA)
Richard Liska (Czech Republic)
Winfried Neun (Germany)
Matu-Tarow Noda (Japan)
Bill Pletsch (USA)
Eugenio Roanes-Lozano, Chair, (Spain)
Tateaki Sasaki (Japan)
Yosuke Sato (Japan)
Tony Shaska (USA)
Margarita Spiridonova (Bulgaria)
Stanly Steinberg (USA)
Agnes Szanto (USA)
Quoc-Nam Tran (USA)
Nikolay Vasiliev (Russia)
Stephen Watt (Canada)
Michael Wester (USA)
Wolfgang Windsteiger (Austria)

Technical support:

   Gilles Picard
   Sylvain Huneault
   Gilles Picard

Special thanks go out to Danielle Bouthot for this website’s design. Thanks also go out to all past ACA conferences’ webmasters for the great ideas I borrowed from their sites.
Gilles Picard