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Saturday, 9:00
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Which CAS can fill the gap?

As DERIVE has been taken off the market and the TI-92/Voyage 200 generation of the TI-CAS handheld will not be developed further, we are looking for alternatives to be used in mathematics' education. Other than the TI-Nspire - which must be purchased by the schools and the students - there are other interesting possibilities available for free. wxMaxima is open source, WIRIS for which the online version is free in Austria and in some other countries due to general licenses, and GeoGebra, also open sourced with a newly implemented CAS, are all possible. One of these - or others? - could fill the gap left by Derive's demise.

In my lecture, I will focus on WIRIS (see WIRIS website) and compare it with DERIVE and other tools.