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Session: 3- Applications and Libraries development in Derive Schedule:
Friday, 11:30
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Generating random samples from continues and discrete distributions with Derive
In this talk we will introduce the utility file RandomDistributions.mth. This file has been developed for generating random values from main continuous and discrete distributions.

The programs contained in the file can be grouped within the following blocks:

• Random values from uniform distribution: the program RandomUniform returns an uniform random sample between 0 and 1. This program is the base of the other generations. Different algorithms have been used to develop this program in order to improve the Derive’s build-on function to generate samples from a continue uniform random distribution.

• Random values from discrete distributions: some generic algorithms for any discrete distribution have been implemented as well as specific algorithms for some discrete distributions (Uniform, Poisson, Binomial, Geometric, Negative Binomial, …).

• Random values from continuous distributions: specific algorithms for main continuous distributions have been implemented (Uniform, Exponential, Normal, Lognormal, Cauchy, Chi-square, Student’s t, F, Gamma, Beta, …).

• Graphical approach: a program to plot the obtained samples together with the density function has been developed. With these drawings we can check graphically if the generated samples fit the distributions.

The use of this utility file is useful for simulating any process which follows a specific distribution.