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Thursday, 11:30
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A Sustained Integration of a Computer Algebra System in University Mathematics Education at Brock University

In 2001 Brock University (Canada) launched Mathematics Integrated with Computers and Applications (MICA), a core undergraduate mathematics program developed under such guiding principles as: (1) encouraging student creativity and intellectual independence, and (2) developing mathematical concepts hand in hand with computers and applications. All traditional courses (e.g. Analysis, Algebra, etc.) were revised, and as a result, a synchronization of technology use throughout the program was carefully established. In addition, three unique project-based courses, MICA I, II, and III, were developed as a concrete implementation of the two principles above. In these courses, students learn to design, program, and use interactive computer environments (, Maple, C++) with interface in order to investigate a self-stated conjecture, concept, theorem, or real-world situation. (Examples of original students' MICA projects can be seen at

In this presentation, I will discuss the integration of CAS in the MICA program. I will exemplify how CAS is being used in a variety of courses, including in MICA II-III courses. I will conclude with a reflection on students' efficiency in using technology as a tool for learning and doing mathematics as they graduate from our program.