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Name :  Philippe Etchecopar * Name:  Jordi Nadal
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Affiliation: CEGEP de Rimouski Name:  Jean-Philippe Villeneuve
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Session: 1- Computer Algebra in Education Schedule:
Thursday, 11:00
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Integrating CA in Modelling-Simulation Approaches in the Mathematics Courses of the Science Programs at ...

The exponential development of technology has deeply transformed work practices in the scientific world. These new work methods, based on modelling of scientific phenomenon and their simulations, are being developed in many disciplines and in doing so, are increasing the importance of mathematical content in these disciplines.

To better prepare students for scientific studies in this context, fifteen years ago the department of mathematics of the CEGEP of Rimouski introduced Maple and MatLab in a modelling-simulating approach in all the mathematics courses of their scientific programs.

Based on examples from differential and integral calculus, we will address some of the issues encountered in the past 15 years: changes in curriculum, the use of technology, interdisciplinary approach combining mathematics with physics and biology as well as the importance of responsible citizenship.