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Session: 13- Symbolic and numeric approaches to dynamical modeling and simulation Schedule:
Thursday, 15:00
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Applications of the package CRACK to simplify large systems
Slides of this talk (pdf)

Slides of this talk (pdf)

In the three applications
  • the computation of quadratic Poisson Structures,
  • the construction of Gardner's deformation for the Bosonic Limit of the N=2 supersymmetric Burgers equation, and
  • the computation of a Killing tensor for the Kimura metric
an overdetermined algebraic or differential system has been formulated, simplified and fully or partially solved. After a short introduction of the problems and their specific challenges, modules of the computer algebra package CRACK are introduced that were used in the computations. In some cases CRACK was used to pre-simplify the problem before it was solvable by other packages, like Singular.