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Session: 9- Symbolic and Numeric Computation Schedule:
Saturday, 8:30
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A MathML authoring tool using approximate algebra

We present an implementation of a MathML authoring tool on the xfy. The xfy is a software developed in Justsystems Co., that aims at creating an authoring environment for compound XML documents in a single workspace. In the context authoring MathML on the xfy, we may utilize computer algebra systems to input or plot expressions. When the inputs are inexact polynomials, we will show approximate algebra, such as approximate-GCD, can be applied to author expressions or draw a curve with precision $\epsilon$. This feature of the MathML editor can be useful to author any scientific documents or educational contents for learning management systems (e.g. Moodle). In this talk, its implementation and reliability will be discussed.

Authors : Masaaki Kataoka (Ehime University, Japan), Hironori Shimazu (Ehime University, Japan), Hiroshi Kai (Ehime University, Japan), Atsushi Miyamoto (Justsystems Co., Japan)