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Session: 11- High-Performance Computer Algebra Schedule:
Friday, 11:30
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Implementing Modular Methods in Maple with the Modpn library
Modpn is a C library offering highly optimized routines for multivariate polynomials arithmetic in prime characteristic. By bridging these low-level and architecture-aware routines to high-level mathematical code, large speed-up factors can be obtained. This is case, for instance, with the module FastArithmeticTools of the RegularChains library in Maple 13, which provides commands for solving systems of non-linear equations.

In this talk, we illustrate how Modpn can be used to efficiently implement modular methods in Maple and take advantage of FFT-based and SLP-based polynomial arithmetic. One goal is to show how to handle the technical difficulties arising in this framework, such as data-conversion overheads, choice of characteristics. We also discuss the determination of thresholds between mixed code and non-mixed code. We conclude by an overview of the current development for multi-core support