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Session: 1- Computer Algebra in Education Schedule:
Sunday, 11:15
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Session Finale: What constitutes a good CAS task?

The Education session at ACA 2009 is filled with promising talks. The variety of speakers inspires us to organize a discussion on What constitutes a good CAS task?

This discussion will follow France Caron’s keynote address (talk 22) and is scheduled for Sunday morning.

Interested participantes can contribute to this “finale” by sending us one or two power point slides (.ppt files are best) that would provide ONE example of a good CAS task with comments on
  • the type and characteristics of students with which this task has been (or could be) used
  • the wording of the task
  • what it requires the students to do (in terms of math and CAS functionality)
  • why it qualifies as a "good CAS task"

We will then assemble the slides received as a quick presentation to launch the discussion.

Please send your commented slide or slides (1 or 2 slides maximum) by email to Daniel Jarvis at the latest on June 21st.