Special Session on Chemistry and Computer Algebra


Held at the conference ACA'2009, June 25-28, 2009, in Montreal, Canada.

Session Organizers: Mihai Scarlete, Bishop's University, Manfred Minimair, Seton Hall University, and Robert H. Lewis, Fordham University.

Motivation and Importance:
In recent years computer algebra techniques and symbolic computation systems have found increasing use for solving problems in chemistry and for chemistry education. Therefore this session will showcase recent developments. Furthermore, the session is expected foster the interaction between the fields of computer algebra and chemistry which may stimulate advances in both areas.

The session will cover advances in computer algebra techniques and computer algebra/symbolic computation software systems for applications in chemistry. The session is open to all areas of applications.
Expected topics of presentations include:
  • pedagogical tools in undergraduate chemistry and chemical engineering
  • research tools in graduate education
  • design of dedicated molecular modeling software
  • software for unitary operations in chemical industry
  • applications of computer algebra in chemical spectroscopy
  • databases based on symbolic computation engines
  • environments for inter-university collaboration in chemical research

Call for Contributions:
If you want to suggest a speaker, please contact us. If you want to give a talk yourself, please send an email with a title and a one page abstract to:
Mihai Scarlete, Manfred Minimair or Robert H. Lewis.    (Deadline for submission: May 29th 2009)

Accepted contributions: