Special Session on Elimination Theory and Applications


Held at the conference ACA'2009, June 25-28, 2009, in Montreal, Canada.

Session Organizers: Manfred Minimair, Seton Hall University, and Robert H. Lewis, Fordham University.

The Elimination Theory session concerns eliminating unknowns from systems of multivariate polynomial equations, including differential polynomials, and decomposing systems of equations with the goal of simplifying equations and computing their solutions.

Motivation and Importance:
Elimination theory is a classical area of research. It has been pursued for hundreds of years. The combination of techniques from symbolic and numeric computation has greatly stimulated the field in recent years. This has led to numerous computer based applications in areas such as computational chemistry, electrical engineering, dynamics of multibody systems, geometric theorem proving, computational algebraic geometry, robotics, and computer aided graphic design. The session will highlight and survey some advances in the area.
Presentations are expected to show relevance for applications.

Some of the typical computational tools in this area are:
  • Groebner bases
  • resultants
  • characteristic sets
  • homotopy

Call for Contributions:
If you want to suggest a speaker, please contact us. If you want to give a talk yourself, please send an email with a title and a one page abstract to:
Manfred Minimair or Robert H. Lewis.    (Deadline for submission: May 29th 2009)

Accepted contributions: