Special Session on Applications of Math Software to Mathematical Research


Held at the conference ACA'2009, June 25-28, 2009, in Montreal, Canada.

Session Organizer: Daniel Lichtblau, Wolfram Research, USA.

The focus of this session is on the various ways in which symbolic programs, broadly speaking, are nowadays employed in the research side of mathematics.

Symbolic computation and related software technologies have become an increasing presence in mathematical research. Many practitioners have come to see these as indispensible tools. For well over a decade, Bruno Buchberger and others have investigated ways in which software can be brought to bear on deducing and proving theorems, algorithms, and more (he refers to this as "Symbolic Computation in Mathematical Theory Exploration").

Our session is in this vein. Beyond the basic description, I will go so far as to suggest an underlying theme: these tools allow many of us to be wildly more productive than our graduate school credentials gave us any right to expect.

We solicit talks that show novel usage of mathematical software in conjecture, assisted and automated proof, computational experimentation, algorithm analysis, communication of results, and other aspects of mathematical research.

Call for Contributions:
If you want to suggest a speaker, please contact us. If you want to give a talk yourself, please send an email with a title and a one page abstract to:
Daniel Lichtblau.    (Deadline for submission: May 29th 2009)

Accepted contributions: